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Direct sales most powerful machine

Take advantage of years of knowledge combined with our set of direct sales booster tools, from the price comparison tool to our business intelligence.

Best Customer Support (4.9 of 5)


Give a personal treat to your guests


Grow your conversions and increase your margins


Make them understand and believe that you are the best option


Learn from the past to have a better future

Our dedicated project manager will partner with your strategy to boost direct sales, leveraging our conversion expertise and technology

Empower your marketing and revenue teams by giving them control of the site

Beyond Data: Insights

Base your decisions on data rather than opinions

  • The Most powerful Business Intelligence for Hotel Direct Sales
  • Aggregate Price Control, Traffic, Visitor Behavior and Guest Reviews
  • Empirical Approach for a Fast-Changing Environment

Hello Dynamic Pricing!

Effective Price Management is the key to Success.

  • Rate Comparator: 89% of bookers base their decisions on price
  • Parity Dashboard: Take control of Your Distribution
  • PriceMatch tool: Secure Victory in the Price Battle

Do not let them run away

  • Create scarcity and leverage FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)
  • Use Social Proof as a conversion trigger
  • Cart Recovery: 98.1% of visitors are not ready to book yet

123COMPARE.ME enhances the conversion of our hotel customers, increases direct bookings, revenue and hotel margins.

Pep DíazCTO & Co-Founder, Clicktotravel

The 123COMPARE.ME platform is fully integrated into Reseliva Booking Engine, making it very easy to deploy any client. We expect our relationship to grow even more every month.

Vedat KarakoçCo-founder, Reseliva

123COMPARE.ME always been open to our suggestions and have deployed all projects with great agility. We currently have a long-term agreement that we are very satisfied with.

Enrico LeriBusiness Development Directo, 5STELLE