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Don’t Miss a Single Direct Booking

Generate alerts at the right moment and reduce abandonment rates on your website in a simple and fully user-friendly manner.

How Does Our Alert Generator Work?

Take Control of Your Website

Once a user arrives at your website, you can’t let them “escape”, especially if they come from an OTA (billboard effect).

Prevent your guests from abandoning the booking process through a series of “rescue” actions, aimed at re-engaging them on your website and ultimately securing their stay at your establishment.

When a user initiates the booking process and abandons it, we observe two situations:
  • The user has provided their email address: offers the option to send an email inviting them to resume their booking where they left off.
  • The user has not provided their email address: The user is prompted to leave their email address so they can recover their booking at their convenience.
We identify cursor movements indicating page abandonment or periods of inactivity on the website to trigger pop-us inviting the user to continue browsing and start the booking process.

Boost Conversion, Reduce Abandonment Rates

Generate Alerts Aimed at Increasing Direct Bookings

  • We understand the importance of delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time. Therefore, we pay special attention to eliminating noise in alert generation to impact users without compromising their experience.
  • Alert generation in collaboration with the hotel. It’s not just about displaying a specific promotion or ensuring the lowest price; it’s crucial that users immediately see all the benefits of booking on the website.

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Increase your conversion rate.