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Hotel Groups

Software thoroughly designed for hotel groups

We boost your direct bookings, maximize your revenue, and help you offer guest experiences fully focused on conversion.

Lead the booking cycle

Improve operational efficiency and your customers’ experience

We adapt to the specific needs of hotel groups considering the number of properties, type of clients, and category, among others.

We design personalized proposals fully oriented towards conversion.

We identify potential areas of improvement in achieving your goals, establishing guest behavior patterns, analyzing your pain points and creating a set of solutions tailored to your hotel group.

Intuitive and flexible

Why choose 123COMPAREME?

  1. We maintain focus throughout the entire reservation process
  2. We understand what travelers need and assist you in generating timely alerts.
  3. The implementation is straightforward and quick. We do not integrate  with your engine; instead we communicate with it.
  4. We are experts in parity. Please check our reports.
  5. We have introduced the role of the Dedicated Project Manager. Each client is unique and requires customized deployments.

Are you ready to take the steps towards the 123Revolution?

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