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Price Hunting

Gain Control of your Distribution

Boost your conversion rate with our Rate Comparator: Don’t lose another reservation due to parity issues. Uncover the source of disparities and take real-time actions. Ensure you have full control over your pricing and distribution.

How Does Our Rate Comparator Work?

Secure Victory in the “Price battle”.

We Track

When a user conducts a search on your website, we track all the prices published on various online intermediary platforms (OTAs and Bed Banks) and Metasearch engines.

We Compare and Match

We compare prices and display to the user those that match or are above the price of your direct channel, and/or we match the price in real-time based on the parameters you provide us.

Take Control of Your Distribution

We generate real-time disparity alerts and assist you in resolving them.

  • We generate real-time alerts, notifying you of detected disparities so you can take appropriate actions to address them.

  • We assist you in identifying the source of disparities, enabling immediate action.

  • We propose concrete and effective solutions.

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Increase your conversion rate.