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In the realm of pricing, the influence of strategy on business impact is undeniable, yet a robust strategy cannot exist without the foundational elements of data and knowledge. 

This is particularly true in the context of online intermediated distribution channels within contractual Vertical Marketing System, where optimizing pricing strategies is essential to forging beneficial agreements without relinquishing control over the marketing of products or services.

In recent years, the hotel industry has witnessed the emergence of large distribution platforms (OTAs) as vital sales allies, enabling access to customers that would have been otherwise unreachable. However, these platforms have sometimes resorted to practices that create disparities in inventory and pricing, discouraging direct bookings and challenging the maintenance of pricing integrity.

Addressing this challenge requires a nuanced understanding of OTA’s pricing strategies, enabling swift and effective decision-making. However, time constraints often lead to the acceptance of reduced revenue and profitability.

The key to overcoming these obstacles lies in the accessibility, reliability, and efficiency of data analysis tools. Identifying OTAs with aggressive pricing policies, understanding their timing, and knowing the guest segments they target can provide significant advantages. These insights facilitate the implementation of corrective measures swiftly and enhance the negotiation of future agreements.

What do we offer you at 123compareme? 

At 123Compareme, we introduced the Magic Parity Tool- the market’s only dynamic tool that evaluates OTA prices in real-time, reflecting actual demand.

This tool allows you to: 

  • Filter results based on specific moments and interests, enabling you to identify and address discrepancies swiftly.
  • Receive tailored recommendations for corrective actions, considering factors such as frequency and timing of disparities.
  • Gain immediate access to data on OTAs causing disparities, with real-time analysis and updates.
  • Obtain detailed insights, including percentages related to stay duration, check-in day, demand anticipation, and device usage.
  • Receive alerts for unresolved disparities and filter results by OTA, ensuring that all actions are based on real demand.
  • Benefit from weekly personalized reports to keep you informed and strategically aligned.

If you have any questions or wish to learn more about how our Magic Parity Tool can empower your pricing strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us.