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Booking Engines

Improve your customers’ pricing strategy

Enable your customers to be in control of their pricing strategy at all times. 123compareme identifies and corrects disparities across the entire online distribution network in real time.

Drive direct bookings on your customer's website

To drive direct bookings on your customer’s website, price consistency across different online intermediaries is essential. Throughout the booking cycle price is a critical factor for travellers, regardless of the channel selected.
Our software develops two specific booking engine solutions to address this challenge: parity and competitive pricing.


Reduce disparities to below 2%

Your clients will be able to know in real time which intermediaries are selling their rooms at a lower price than your site, allowing them to make decisions in the short and medium term to reduce disparities to below 2%.

Competitive pricing

Identifie which distributor is responsable for each disparity

Our system actively monitors pricing strategy across the entire online distribution network: Metasearch Engines, OTAs and Bed Banks. 123compareme identifies which distributor is responsible for each disparity; we file complaints and we advise you on marketing and price adjustment strategies.

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