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Our World Parity Report on evolving trends in hospitality pricing

What is World Parity Report?

The concept of price parity has become a focal point in the hospitality industry. WPR report offers an overview of what world parity means and why it’s essential for businesses.

With the rise of online travel agencies (OTAs) and the digital transformation of booking platforms, the dynamics of price parity have shifted. We’ll explore how OTAs play a role in this evolution and the challenges and opportunities they present.

Our report discusses the broader implications of the parity trends for hoteliers and service providers, offering a deep analysis and data insights to identify which OTAs are the primary culprits.


Using a rigorous methodology that leverages demand data, we have selected a representative sample of properties from each destination to ensure a confidence level of 95% in most cases, with a minimum of 90% in others. 


Our study hinges on a comprehensive dataset obtained by scrapping information from Google Hotels, aligning our inquiry with real-world consumerbehavior and industry practices.

Beat, meet, and lose

At the heart of our analysis are the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) known as BML—beat, meet, and lose—where we compare Online Travel Agency (OTA) pricesagainst direct hotel prices. 


In the 80% of the cases, OTAs offer lower prices than the hotel website.

The competition in pricing between hotels and the entire spectrum of OTAs is notably fierce. As seem in 79% of cases, at least one OTA offers a lower rate than the hotel’s direct price.

Graphic 1.

Global BML in all 61 Locations.

OTA Top 15

Main OTAs: The ‘Lose’ rate, which refers to instances where OTA pricing is lower than the hotel’s direct rate, ranges between 24% and 33%.

Smaller/Newer OTAs: This rate is significantly higher for smaller, regional, or newcomer OTAs, with ‘Lose’ rates ranging from 46% for platforms like Reserving and up to 60% for OTAs such as Vio.

Graphic 2.
(Top 15 OTAs by Impression share)

Committee of Experts: Key Opinion Leaders:

The World Parity Report, grounded in comprehensive data analysis, was shared, reviewed and validated by an esteemed panel of experts, each a distinguished authority in their respective fields.

  • Raúl Álvarez – VP Global Digital Experience de Radisson Hotels Group.
  • Carles Saniger – Global Digital Business Revenue Mangement de Barceló Group.
  • Otón Gómez – SVP e-commerce & Marketing Services de NH Hoteles.
  • Claudia Rodríguez – Marketing & Sales Director de Ona Hotels & Apartments.
  • Marina López – Directora Corporativa de Eurostars.
  • Sonia Blanc – Responsable Desarrollo Smart Revenue en Hotusa Hotels.
  • Pilar Salat – Directora de Operaciones de Derby Hoteles.
  • Fabián Rachim – Head of Online Marketing de Blue Sea Hotels.
  • Antoní Homar – Corporate Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer de Zafiro Hotels.
  • Amaya Lacambra  – Directora Estrategia Comercial y Revenue Management de Vincci Hoteles.
  • Manuel Baena – Director de Comunicación y Marketing de Gremi D´Hotels de Barcelona.


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